Contactless Contact Tracing for Restaurants

No App needed! Point & Click experience for your customers

Paper is passé

As a Hospitality services provider, you can probably agree with at least one of the following

  • Paper & pens are potential transmission vectors for Covid-19
  • As guests leave, how do you effectively maintain log-out times?
  • A lot of paper gets wasted daily
  • It is also inconvenient to manage so much paper
Why go Contactless

How Turbo QR can help

Simple, application specific tool designed to save you time and make your contact-tracing efforts contactless
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Contactless = Safe

Customers do not touch pens. You do not touch pens. It is as safe as can be.

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Log Out Times

Keep accurate logs of when customers leave your premises.

Powerful Performance

Table Specific Information

It is possible to configure TurboQR to log which table each diner sat at.

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Feedback Collection

Build an intuitive 5 second feedback form to save customer experience.

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Reduce Staff Workload

Let Staff-members concentrate on their work. Customers can provide details on their own devices, themeselves.

Powerful Performance

Visitor Data delivered to your Inbox

Get daily visitor logs in your inbox without any manual effort.

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Show Menu

Allow customers to explore your menu on their own smartphones.

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Save Paper :)

Avoid using paper wherever possible. Trees are a dwindling resource. Let us do our part.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a few common questions for your convenience

Q. Is there a trial available?

Yes, we have a free trial for a month. No paperwork, No contracts, No payment. You don't like TurboQR, you ditch it.

Q. Can I use TurboQR with my existing software?

Yes, we understand that you already have a system in place. TurboQR is designed to operate outside of it and in parallel.

Q. How much time does it take to implement TurboQR?

TurboQR comes ready out of the box. You simply factor in the time needed to print and deploy QR code-stickers in your premises and we've automated the rest.

Q. Can I show our menu to guests on their phones?

A hundred percent! Connect with us today on how you would like that to happen. Would you like us to host the menu for you? Would you like to redirect users to your own website? Woudl you like them to see a PDF file for your menu? We are quite flexible!

Q. Can I get feedback from guests when they leave?

Yes. The default feedback form included in your account has a pre defined set of questions but we can always tweak the feedback form to suit your audience and help you get the insight you seek.

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